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Machine learning, and how to design with ambiguity.

Mid 2017 I briefly contracted with , a company aiming to augment conceptual creativity through the use of AI. The skeletal thinking at the time was around using a creative assistant to understand a brands value proposition, then utilising networked knowledge to suggest high level concepts that would fuel the brands social media marketing.

Before getting into problem → solution design, I took some time to think about the nature of our transition from designing 1 way systems that interact with dumb sets of data, to creating interfaces that represent quasi human knowledge as generated by a bunch of algorithms. The output was a quick, glanceable InVision board capturing observed patterns in the industry, alongside accompanying thoughts on how they related to the product vision.

Check out the guiding patterns 👉


Every shoe felt comfortable.. 

I do most of my shopping online but when it comes to shoes I need to see, feel and try them on (reason being high arch woes as opposed to shoe snobbery). Anyway, 3 shops in I was trying on a pair of pumps in fitzpatricks on Grafton street - they felt amazing, like my feet were being hugged as I walked around. But they were bland as hell, so I continued my search. 

Shops 4, 5, and 6 were painful let downs so after some lunch I went back for my feet huggers. It had been a long day of walking around so my feet were in bits, which is why I noticed the sudden relief when I walked into the store.. Then I looked down. The rug covering the entire store was thicker, softer and more luxurious than any 5 star hotel i had ever been in. No wonder everything felt comfortable.  


Found, a persons note after a turbulent flight. Makes sense. Typing emoji onto a screen has it all - easy expression, instant feedback, focus and hence distraction. 


Clip from the BBC's All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace. Loren Carpenter presents an experiment at SIGGRAPH 1991 by projecting a game of Pong. The game is controlled by paddles distributed to an audience, which spontaneously organizes itself to play the game.